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Our Search Engine Monster Search Engine Optimization Services Team Will Run A Detailed Website Report To Correct All Variables That Lead To Quality Search Engine Rankings. We Follow All The Major Search Engine Guidelines Of Valid Coding, Resulting from Goolge And Bing Web Master Tools. We Will Perform A Website Audit For Free, Letting You Know What is Needed To Correct To Meet Google, Bing & Yahoo’s Guidelines. Our SEO Includes:


Search Engine Optimization Services: The most effective way to get new visitors to your web site at the lowest cost is to build towards a higher website search engine ranking results. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an effective tool for improving the volume and quality of customers to your website. Visitors are more likely to click on free organic listings rather than on paid listings. We usually come across clients that have a couple of key challenges, conversion of sales & brand awareness. Is your goal to increase sales? Currently where do clients find you? Once you get someone to come to your website is it very easy to convert them from a cold prospect to client. One of the things that we keep in mind when we design a site, is BRAND. There is basically three rules your BRAND, HIERARCHY & USABILITY. And as long as you have these three things along with SEO & some simple content management system, you will have a successful website, if these things are not in place I guarantee you will not get the results you want, even if you have only one component. If your SEO is phenomenal but your hierarchy is bad, & people can’t find what they’re looking for because it’s not intuitive. Your site will not be successful. Are you familiar with hierarchy as far as websites go? Hierarchy is information, when someone comes to your site, who is your target audience right now. Why would someone select you, over the completion? Our goal is to refresh the design of the website, & to better optimize against your completion in the search engines. Typically the way we would go about doing that is very simple. We would have a couple of meetings with you, to establish a foundation of message to help us establish the hierarchy of people that are looking for you what they look for on the website. The terms that they search under and establish a brand & a feel that provides answers to your customers. They are seeking something & you have the solution. We cannot guarantee you #1 or #2.But we can say right know your on page 6, we can direct you what to do, We can fix these things and over time we will continue to monitor the site traffic & rankings; & tweak it so that your site gets in the top ten, that would be our goal. By listing all these thing the Title tags, meta tags, scripter in the database. We can help you refresh your visual brand on your website, add in a small piece of functionality into the database that would allow the meta tags & the descriptions of the products to optimized better & develop into the next large step into the search engines. Your Title at the top of your site is something that allows you to rank very high in Google’s list. Its very simple, but it’s the #1 error that most our clients don’t pay attention to, is your title bar. Keyword Titles are key as far as Google is concerned, that is one of the main things that they crawl your site for, there is a whole list of guidelines as far as SEO goes, to follow the rules in Google’s rankings; we practice all of these Rules. You would like to have the title not necessarily the companies name, but one that’s done well which contains strategic keywords, which is what your selling; that’s what people are going to find you under. That’s what you need to have in the title bar. There’s a whole list of things like that, that we can help you with. SEO is a huge component to building a successful online business. Meta tags & Keywords are basically the descriptor that we put into the code that tells the server or search engine that people can find that product under. This is a component of functionality that we can add to your site if it’s not there. SEO is essential to your website. It’s how you build awareness online without doing a massive billboard campaign. You constantly need to fine tune it Because Google is constantly changing their requirements for what they will optimize high on their list. We can accomplish all of these practices on your site, but we cannot guarantee to get you on top. But we can guarantee a higher ranking! I will supply you with an estimate of setting up SEO. We would make suggestions about what should be done & the cost associated the the time to set it all up, to basically establish the next level of SEO. Search Engine Monster Marketing offers services from basic website design to full catalog e-commerce web site development. Our web site design company can work with any size budget to create affordable small and huge website solutions, whether enhancing your current site, or helping you come up with an entirely new one. Search Engine Monster’s custom design solutions. From consulting and concept development to usability, final development and site launch, we take on any project small or large, with your success in mind. We provide a balanced SEO strategy to help increase your website’s rank. It includes keyword research to find the most effective keywords connected to your business, directory and article submissions, writing press releases and obtaining quality inbound links. Working on an SEO campaign consistently is a long term investment that eventually produces effective search results, within 2 to 6 months. For a search engine optimization firm to do effective work, it’s important to understand the client’s goals, the market space, the competition, and the prospect. SEO campaign management works to implement the necessary changes and improvements. The results are measured by the search engines & regularly monitored. Search Engine Monster has a proven track record of top search engine rankings in Google & Yahoo.

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